SVAP: The first contacts for business cooperation between Greece and Ukraine

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The first talks on business cooperation from Greece and Ukraine started immediately and, most importantly, the day after the end of the war, and are ongoing. The exploratory contacts took place in the framework of the general assembly of the Association of Industries of Attica and Piraeus (SVAP) that met last week in the presence of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece Sergei Sutenko and concern two issues: the immediate arrival of Ukrainian workers, who are specialized Greek industry is looking to employ them even in the summer. And later, when the war ended, the participation of Greek companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“There is room and we must step up our efforts to further develop Greek-Ukrainian business relations. Greek companies can have an even stronger presence in Ukraine once the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe stops. We want to contribute to a better future for Ukraine.” , said to APE-MPE the president of SVAP Dimitris Mathios. He also noted the extroversion and growth potential of many Ukrainian companies, which facilitated business cooperation the next day.

Within the next few days, a working group will be set up at SVAP that will identify possible areas of cooperation and will investigate the interest of Greek companies in this direction. According to SVAP, during the meeting, Mr. Sutenko stressed, among other things, the need for increased response of Greek companies to Ukrainian companies in order to restore as soon as possible the web of historical economic and business relations between the two countries. He added that this should precede any other Greek initiative, given the expected serious consequences of Russia’s behavior in Europe’s energy and supply.

In his speech at the meeting, Mr. Mathios referred to the effects of the two crises, that of the pandemic and the energy one, which he characterized as subversive of the prospect of economic recovery, as its negative symptoms have been felt since September. 2021 and did not stop burdening production until today. “The problem in the economy”, noted Mr. Mathios, “will take on other dimensions if we waste time and do not facilitate the effort of companies to keep production costs constant and to fill the investment gap of the economy with investments. Investment gap that is maintained because of the fear of inflation and the uncontrollable dimensions of energy if we do not tame it. ”

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