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Sweden: Government seeks delay in easing restrictive measures

Its Public Health Service Sweden announced today that it has asked the government to postpone a planned easing of some of the restrictions on halting its cases coronavirus for about a month as the country is hit by the third wave of the pandemic, according to APE.

The agency had proposed lifting some of the restrictive measures on April 11, such as reducing the number of visitors to theme parks, concerts and football matches to just eight people.

“The (pandemic) spread is accelerating, putting a strain on the health system,” she said in a statement.

“The Swedish Public Health Service therefore proposes to postpone the date by which specific activities can be reopened until 3 May, provided that the situation with the cases improves.”

Sweden has relied mainly on voluntary measures to slow the pandemic but has gradually increased its restrictions following an increase in the rate of infection towards the end of last year.

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