Sweden has more ICU patients than in the second wave of the pandemic

Higher than recorded in the second wave of the pandemic is now the number of patients with covid-19 who are being treated in intensive care units in Sweden, but remains lower than that of the first wave, according to official figures.

Sweden has followed a different strategy from most countries in dealing with covid-19, choosing not to impose strictly lockdown, although it eventually tightened some restrictions on public gatherings and social activities, which nevertheless remain largely voluntary.

The number of new cases coronavirus has risen in recent weeks and 392 people are now being treated in intensive care units, according to AMPE.

This is a higher number than the one recorded at the beginning of January, 389, but far below the high of the first wave of the pandemicin the spring of 2020, when they had reached 558.

Although the number of covid-19 cases is increasing, so far there has been no corresponding increase in the number of deaths from the disease, something that the health authorities attribute to the vaccination of the most vulnerable groups and especially those living in nursing homes.

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