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Sweden launches international anti-immigration campaign – ‘Many and important changes’ are coming

Her government Sweden is expected to launch an awareness campaign aimed at discouraging migrants from going to the country. The announcement was made by Immigration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergaard and far-right Sweden Democrats parliamentary leader Henrik Vinge at a press conference. “This government was elected with, among other things, a mandate to create a paradigm shift in immigration policy. This requires many and significant changesStenergard emphasized. In the context of its intention to reduce the immigration to Sweden, the government, backed by the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), said the country should invest more in outreach efforts abroad.

The campaign will include targeted communication with foreign publications and news agencies, as well as informing foreign embassies in Sweden. It is recalled that with the results of the September elections, the center-right moderate party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Party formed coalition government with his support far right SD, which marked the historic rate of 20%. The far-right party he stayed out of government in exchange for passing large parts of his “tough immigration” policy.

“If they are informed about the rules, we reduce the risk of these people suffering,” Malmer Stenergaard argued. According to the immigration minister, more information will help break down how people see Sweden as a country that offers generous benefits, reports the Euractiv.

“People are often well informed and there’s a reason why 163,000 people they traveled from all over Europe to the little cold Sweden of the north 2015. It was because they knew there were more generous regulations,” Ms Stenergard said. It is noted that the country of 10 million inhabitants saw an average of 121,000 Immigrants to arrive every year since 2016, while 20% of the population was born abroad in 2021, according to the country’s National Statistics Service.

Source: News Beast

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