Sweden sends diplomats to Turkey to ease NATO resistance

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Sweden will send diplomats to Turkey in a bid to overcome Ankara ‘s objections to its plan to join NATO, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultkvist said.

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“We will send a group of diplomats to hold talks and have a dialogue with Turkey to see how this can be resolved and what exactly it is about,” Hulkvist told SVT.

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Turkey says it wants the Nordic countries to stop supporting Kurdish militant groups present in their territories and to lift bans on the sale of certain weapons to Turkey.

NATO and the United States are convinced that Turkey will not block the accession of Finland and Sweden.

Any decision on NATO enlargement requires the approval of both 30 members of the alliance and their parliaments, but diplomats say Erdogan will be pressured to back down as Finland and Sweden significantly strengthen NATO in the Baltic Sea.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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