Sweden: The impressive “Spree Monument” in Gothenburg

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Seeking to render the perishable nature of entertainment, o Bornstein Lyckefors designed the “Spree Monument”, keeping in mind to place it within the urban fabric in Gothenburg Sweden.

The project is a proposal for the exhibition «Αrchitecture projects: Βrunnsparken» in the Röhsska Museum of Design and recalls something that has recently been absent from our lives: public gatherings and celebrations. It has the shape of an awning and includes reception areas, secret rooms and a souvenir archive of a party, according to APE.

Usually, the architectural translation of a party takes the form of a series of kiosks, eaves and kiosks or decorated glades, interventions which are not intended to last forever.

“The same goes for party-related items; the gold dust is gone, the smoking machines break down and the plastic party hats are sent to an eternal, but hardly recognizable, vortex somewhere in the ocean,” says Lyckefors.

The “Monument of the Spree” presented in the museum among several other inspirations for one of the most talked about public spaces in his city Gothenburg, which this year celebrates its 400th birthday. Eight groups of architects and designers were invited to present their utopian visions.

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