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Swimwear: looking for 23 brands that (maybe) you don’t know (and that your friends don’t have)

Cbathing suits: which ones should we focus on this summer? We have already told you about the trends beachwear of the season and deepened our research on the most requested top models (from classic bikinis to high-waisted two-pieces, up to one-piece swimsuits). Today we offer you another selection, different from the one we have given you so far: here we will focus, in fact, on the brands that not everyone knows yet. Niche brands but not only: some are already consolidated names but perhaps not everyone has heard or seen them live.

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And that’s why we like to tell you about them, to give you the chance to learn about new realities and, maybe, find the swimsuit of your dreams. Discover 22 here brand of swimwear originals that will make your summer 2024 truly unique!

28 swimsuits (to buy now) to start dreaming of summer 2024

So as not to be caught unprepared and let’s treat ourselves now to a new bikini or one-piece to show off under the sun according to the styles and trend of the hot season


1. Forest Party

Milanese brand born in Milan famous for dressing all, absolutely all, shapes. Each costume is made in various sizes and colors, in 100% recycled nylon: inclusive and sustainable.

Two pieces in recycled nylon Festa Foresta.

Two pieces in recycled nylon, Festa Foresta.

Matteo Losurdo

2. Dolla

A French brand made in Italy and inspired by Mediterranean women. The name? It is the mix of Dolores and Carla, respectively the grandmother to whom the line is dedicated and the founder who created it. Each swimsuit can be customized with brass or aluminum jewel details, all nickel-free. The Econyl outer fabric and everything is Oeko-tex certified, which guarantees that the items are free of substances harmful to the skin and the planet.

Dolla jewel strap bikini.

Bikini with jewel straps, Dolla.

3. Milkshake, MILK the Label

An original name for the limited edition swimwear line produced by LATTE The Label, the brand founded by Sonia Benassi and Giorgia Ferrais that uses only the highest quality fabrics from deadstock. Everything is made in Italy, by 100% artisan companies between Bergamo and Naples.

Milkshake LATTE the Label swimsuits.

Milkshake swimsuits, LATTE the Label.

4. Mimì à la mer

A brand of costumes (and not only) all made in Italy, designed and produced in Italy. Style? It winks at the Sixties and Seventies, both for the shapes and the patterns. Stripes, colors and graphics: everything tells of the sweet summers of the Riviera.

One-piece and two-piece swimsuits with a vintage flavor by Mimì à la mer.

One-pieces and two-pieces: Mimì à la mer’s vintage-style swimsuits.

raquel chicheri

5. Heliophilia

A brand created by three friends and content creator: Annalisa Arcando (@moustachic), Alice De Togni And Alice Perrella. Their goal is to create timeless swimsuits that fit the bodies of real women. The sizes, in fact, range from XS to XL.

Instagram content

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6. Kampos

Transforming marine pollution into artisanal products of the highest quality: this is the aim of this all-Italian brand born in 2019 on the Costa Smeralda. A sustainable and certified challenge: the company, in fact, is BCorp. This year it will be possible to purchase their costumes (with a limited edition print) also in the pop-up store of the 7Pines Resort Sardinia.

A shot of the limited edition of Kampos available at 7Pines Resort Sardinia.

A shot of the limited edition of Kampos available at 7Pines Resort Sardinia.

7. LaVale Collection

«It is the costume that must enhance a physique by adapting to its shapes and not vice versa»: this is the philosophy of Valentina Pellegrini, founder and designer of the Brescia brand. All of his creations are first hand-drawn and then hand-sewn with recycled fabrics. His new collection is called Revolution and was designed to enhance the always different bodies of every woman. The extra detail? Each piece is made on request and thanks to a special video consultation carried out directly online with the designer.

The Revolution collection by LaVale Collection.

The collection Revolution by LaVale Collection.

8. Islands & Volcanoes

The brand was born thirty years ago in Filicudi. The characteristics that made him famous? The exclusive use of organic cotton, the seamless raw-cut design and a color palette that takes inspiration from the Aeolian Islands.

Organic cotton bikini Isole amp Vulcani.

Organic cotton bikini, Islands & Volcanoes.

Davide D’Ambra Atteno

9. Velia Beachwear

Flavia Verrusio, with the support of her two children Edoardo and Marta, founded this brand of beachwear. The name? A tribute to the Velia tower which stands out over the beaches of Cilento.

Bikini with minimal lines Velia Beachwear.

Bikini with minimal lines, Velia Beachwear.

andriana kmetyk

10. ISSIMO X Lido

For the third consecutive year these two realities come together. On the one hand ISSIMO, a digital extension of Pellicano Hotels, and on the other Lido, a young Made in Italy swimwear company. Their collaboration is the perfect celebration of the Italian summer.

Thirtysei ISSIMO x Lido one-piece swimsuit.

One-piece swimsuit ThirtysixISSIMO x Lido.

twist plus” class=”external-link external-link-embed__hed-link button” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair.it/article /costumi-vita-alta-donna- Migliori-modelli”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/costumi-vita-alta-donna- Migliori-modelli” rel=”nofollow noopener” target= “_blank”>17 high-waisted swimsuits for those who don’t like the usual two-pieces and want a twist more

This time the world of the 1950s arrives on the beach, bringing the lines of the past onto contemporary models which, thanks to the high waist, become decidedly more inclusive and pleasant to wear


twist plus” class=”external-link external-link-embed__image-link” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/ costumes-high-waist-woman-best-models”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/costumi-vita-high-woman-best-models” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=” _blank”>

11. Alldaylong

They are Giusy and Patrizia, two Neapolitan cousins ​​who, with this brand, have decided to follow their greatest passion: fashion. The swimsuits they create follow trends and play with timeless shapes.

Alldaylong's metallic costumes.

Alldaylong’s metallic costumes.

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12. BEA Studio

Roman brand of beachwear And activewear founded by Beatrice Sammarco. The focus? The most beautiful bright colours, available on many different swimsuit models, but also the most creative prints to collect.

BEA Studio bikini swimsuit.

Bikini swimsuit, BEA Studio.

13. Giosì Beachwear

An all-Italian brand, founded by Vittoria Barbaro in Reggio Calabria. The inspiration? Women and that detail glamour Mediterranean that is capable of making them shine.

Bikini and coordinated skirt Giosì Beachwear.

Bikini and coordinated skirt, Giosì Beachwear.

14. Nime

What does this name mean? It is an invented term that designer Laura Marchesi decided to translate as “every me”. Two simple words but very representative of her idea: that of dressing all women and their shapes with the best swimsuits.

A one-piece swimsuit from Nim.

A one-piece swimsuit from Nimé.

Clara Parmigiani

15. VVidi Swimwear

Brand born from the idea of ​​Sabrina di Gennaro, designer and stylist. The collection is inspired by 80s fashion. The fabrics? Yes to lycra but also to velvet with full and bright colors to match in contrast.

Instagram content

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16. Bondi Born

Australian brand with a sustainable soul. Every swimsuit, but also piece of clothing they make, is handmade by local artisans (the company is in Sydney). They have achieved certification as B Corporation is that Climate Neutral.

Bondi Born bikini and maxi skirt.

Bikini and maxi skirt, Bondi Born.

17. Kinda 3D Swimwear

The peculiarity of this swimwear brand? The three-dimensional decorations e couture absolute protagonists of the first too drop this summer: the 3D Tulle Collection, made thanks to the three-dimensional sewing technique Fabric Manipulation.

Bikini with three-dimensional details in tulle and chiffon Kinda 3D Swimwear.

Bikini with three-dimensional details in tulle and chiffon, Kinda 3D Swimwear.

18. La Revêche

Swimwear deluxe designed to be worn beyond the beach: this has always been there mission by Sara Melisoi, who founded this brand with a sartorial soul in 2016.

Bikini swimsuit with applied roses La Revêche.

Bikini swimsuit with applied roses, La Revêche.

19. Bikini mi.ma

Bikini, whole pieces but also out-of-water garments with a hippie chic flavour. The hallmark? Trendy colors and exclusive prints, ideal bases for creating mix & match look truly special.

Matching bikini and dress Bikini mi.ma.

Matching bikini and dress, Bikini mi.ma.

20. Clara AESTAS

The inspiration for this brand with the name “aestas”, summer in Latin, could only be the season of sun and sea. Unique, feminine, princess-like swimsuits (but also clothing items). To give every woman a fairytale holiday.

Bikini with macramé details on the Clara AESTAS straps.

Bikini with macramé details on the straps, Clara AESTAS.

21. North Beachwear

The inspiration of the founders Francesco and Marinicol Tronelli? The Costa Smeralda and sustainable fashion. All their creations are made in Italy, made with fabrics plastic-free and eco materials.

Nort Beachwear bra and shorts set.

Bra and shorts set, Nort Beachwear.

22. But it will be

The idea is that of Francesca Fabris, from Milan globetrotter resident in Athens. In 2021 he launches this brand slow fashion from the approach green where the protagonist, in addition to the costumes, is a minimalist and chic lifestyle. Everything is made in Lombardy.

Niki Masarà one-piece swimsuit.

Swimsuit NikiBut it will be.

23. Los Trapitos al sol

The founder Carolina Sanchez studied fashion between Medellin and Milan and, after various work experiences, in 2012 she founded her brand of handcrafted costumes with a tropical flavour. One of the most recognizable pieces of her? The costumes with the ruffle.

A bikini with a ruffle from Los Trapitos al Sol.

A bikini with a ruffle from Los Trapitos al Sol.

Source: Vanity Fair

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