Swiss White Rock launched the first mining farms in the US

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Swiss-based mining company White Rock Management has begun expanding into the US market with the first units launched in North Houston, Texas.

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To accommodate the equipment, White Rock management entered into a partnership agreement with the supplier of mobile data centers NGON. Data centers are used in oil fields and generate energy from associated gas. A similar business model is used, for example, by Crusoe.

The developers of such mobile data centers emphasize that mining helps to get rid of associated gas with benefit, because usually it is simply burned. According to White Rock Management experts, about 2.3 million cubic meters of this fuel will be spent on the production of each megawatt of energy.

“The mining farm in Brazos Valley is the first of several grid-independent facilities that we plan to locate in Texas. They will use associated natural gas from existing oil wells and turn oil production waste into a reliable source of energy,” said White Rock CEO Andy Long.

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In the future, the company plans to expand the geography of mining farms to the whole of North America, Europe and Latin America. Now White Rock has equipment in Sweden with a total capacity of about 30 MW.

Another mining firm, Marathon Digital, temporarily lost 75% of its capacity – a severe storm in Montana led to the shutdown of a mining power plant.

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