Switzerland: Criminals kidnap whole family and after stealing many kilos of gold fled to France

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Six criminals took hostage members of an entire family in the canton Ζιρά of Switzerland and stole several kilos of gold before fleeing to France. Authorities have launched a manhunt to locate them. In fact, they have set up roadblocks to arrest them.

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The hostage-taking started Wednesday night (3/11) at the house of the director of a watch company in the village Baskur, a few kilometers from the French border. Under the threat of gunfire, the manager and his family were forced to go to the headquarters of the company run by the father of the family.

The perpetrators then returned to the victims’ home to steal valuable materials intended for the production of watches, the Swiss newspaper revealed. «the Morning”. The amount of stolen gold remains to be determined, according to prosecutors.

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Throughout the hostage-taking, family members were held in a car parked near the company’s headquarters, the Swiss news agency reported. ATS.

The canton Ζιρά is the heart of its watchmaking Switzerland. The precious materials often used to make the most beautiful watches make these workshops the main targets of thieves.

The perpetrators then fled, taking the hostages with them, using three vehicles. The manager and his family – shocked but unharmed – were finally released, as was their vehicle, into a forest in Burinion, near the border with France in his apartment Upper Rhine.

The cantonal police and the Swiss customs (AFD) were mobilized very quickly, he said. ΕProsecutor Nikola Terigia. THE AFD set up roadblocks in Lucel, at the border and, according to the newspaper, to prevent the passage of the two vehicles used by the perpetrators to escape. A Swiss customs officer was injured in the leg by the chase.

The two vehicles were later found burned in the area Belfort, as well as a submachine gun Heckler & Koch type MP-5, according to the newspaper.

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