Switzerland: Purchases 150,000 Johnson & Johnson Vaccines for Those Afraid of mRNA Technology

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Its own tactics in order to allay the doubts and concerns of its citizens about him vaccination with mRNA technology preparations is applied by Switzerland.

Specifically, according to the APE-MPE, Switzerland announced that it will supply doses of its vaccine Johnson & Johnson to convince skeptics of mRNA technology.

“The Confederation will buy 150,000 doses of the @JanssenGlobal vaccine. The viral vector vaccine will be delivered this week and will be distributed in the cantons next week. “It is aimed at people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine,” wrote federal health adviser (minister) Alain Berce on Twitter.

By offering a vaccine based on a completely different technology from the Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech vaccine technology available in Switzerland, the authorities hope to motivate unvaccinated people to protect themselves against the virus through a conventional technology vaccine.

In Switzerland, where the anti-vaccine and anti-health movement movement has mobilized thousands of people to protest across the country, the percentage of vaccinated continues to be lower than its neighbors.

And this, despite the obligation to show a vaccination certificate to enter the dining and entertainment areas.

On 27 September, the percentage of those fully vaccinated in Switzerland was up at 57.2%, according to the Politico tracker.

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