Syria: At least 12 dead in Turkish airstrikes in retaliation for Istanbul bombing

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Bombardment in its northern part Syriawhere Kurdish forces are based, held on Saturday the Turkey in retaliation for the bombing in Istanbul last Sunday.

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The airstrikes were launched even though days earlier the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rejected Ankara’s accusation that they were behind the attack on Istiklal last Sunday, when they lost the six people lost their lives and 81 others were injured.

According to the SDF, the Turkish bombardment targeted SDF positions in the provinces of Aleppo (north) and Hasakah (northeast), mainly in the city of Kobani, a short distance from the border with Turkey.

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“Kobani, the city that defeated the Islamic State, is the target of bombings by the Turkish air force and the Turkish occupation forces”, said Farhad Sami, a representative of the SDF, of which the Kurds are a key component. He had categorically denied that the Kurds were behind the bombing in Istiklal.

There were more than twenty strikes by the Turkish military in the two provinces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based NGO that relies on a wide network of imgs in war-torn Syria.

The bombing killed at least 12 people, six members of the SDF and six Syrian soldiers, according to the same img.

Kurdish organizations do not announce losses in their ranks.

But Mr. Sami confirmed that Turkish shelling also took place against facilities where Syrian regime forces are deployed in Raqqa and Hasakah (northeast) and Aleppo (north), citing dead and wounded.

SDR leader Mazloum Abdi condemned the “aggressive and barbaric” Turkish bombings.

“The Turkish bombardment in our areas threatens the entire region. It does no one any good. We will do everything to avoid a major disaster. If war breaks out, the whole world will be eaten”he emphasized via Twitter.

Syrian state television confirmed that shelling had taken place.

Akar: The time of reckoning

He came “the time of reckoning”the Minister of Defense of Turkey, the Hulusi Akarabove a photo showing a Turkish F-16 fighter jet taking off for a night operation.

“Bastards will be held accountable for their insidious attacks”added the Turkish Defense Minister.

“Terrorists’ nests are leveled with precision strikes”he added in a second post, which he accompanied with a montage of the target being destroyed from the air, without specifying where it was.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has so far not officially released any details about the ongoing operation.

Turkish authorities immediately blamed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG).which according to Ankara is the “arm” of the PKK in Syria.

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylou said that “the order for the attack was given in Kobani”.

The US State Department said on Friday it feared “possible military action by Turkey” in northern Syria and northern Iraqurging Americans to avoid those two areas.

Syria, where a highly complex war has been raging since 2011, has been fragmented by the interventions of various organizations and foreign powers.

Between 2016 and 2019, the Turkish military launched three large-scale operations in northern Syria against Kurdish paramilitaries and other organizations.

Ankara, whose troops are present in several areas of northern Syria where they have established bases, has been threatening since May to launch a new large-scale attack against the SDF, which it describes as a “terrorist” organization.

The Turkish government says it intends to create a 30km wide “security zone” along its southern border.

Source: News Beast

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