Syria: Three killed in Kamisli by Turkish drone attack

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Kurdish forces today accused Turkey of killing three civilians in a drone strike targeting a car in the city of Kamisli, which is under their control in northeastern Syria.

The Kurdish administration in northern and eastern Syria said in a statement that “the Turkish state targeted a car with a drone” on Tuesday in Kamisli, killing three members of the same family, including an 82-year-old man. ” .

Nouri Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Kurdish forces, said the victims were Youssef Kello, a figure in the Kurdish national struggle, and his two grandchildren.

“This attack, carried out knowingly by the international coalition and Syria, is a serious development,” the statement added, calling on the parties involved in Syria to prevent any escalation.

In response to the blow, Kurdish authorities this morning called on citizens to march on Kamisli to denounce Turkey, along with the victims’ funerals.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has an extensive network of sources in Syria, said the attack targeted an SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) official who was not inside the car, adding that his grandfather, one of his brothers and a third person were killed.

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