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Syria: Turkish bombing endangers US forces

Syria: Turkish bombing endangers US forces

THE Turkey launches new attacks to its north Syriato neutralize Kurdish military forces and according to new information, one of the latest strikes endangered Americans troops.

The US Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for the Middle East, CENTCOM (“central administration”) reported that one Turkish drone bombed a joint base of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, dominated by Kurdish fighters) and the US-led international coalition, killing two Kurdish fighters.

CENTCOM had initially claimed that its forces were “not at risk” from this raid, clarifying that “the closest strikes were at least 20 to 30 km” away from the area where US troops were stationed.

However, in an email sent to AFP today, CENTCOM stressed that “received additional information that her forces and personnel were in danger».

It is noted that with support from the international coalition led by the US, the SDF led the war against the Islamic State (IS) that was driven from its strongholds in Syria in 2019.

Hundreds of troops from the international coalition, including Americans, are still deployed in Kurdish-held areas of northern Syria, a country torn apart by war that has raged since 2011.

Source: News Beast



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