Syria: Will help Lebanon in energy imports

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Her government Syria will help Lebanon, which is in crisis, allowing the passage of Lebanese gas and electricity imports through its territory, said today a high-ranking Lebanese official after the first visit of a significant Lebanese delegation to Damascus in ten years.

In a complete economic collapse, without foreign exchange, Lebanon is experiencing severe fuel shortages and power outages that are largely paralyzing the services and activities of hospitals, restaurants, shops and industries.

Exceptionally given the green light by the United States, Lebanon will try to pass through Syria and its infrastructure Egyptian gas, as well as electricity from Jordan, despite US sanctions aimed at the Syrian regime.

The Lebanese ministerial delegation met today in Damascus with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Moqtada and Oil Minister Bassam Tome.

In a press conference, a senior Lebanese official went on to say that Syria was “ready” to assist Lebanon with “the passage of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity through Syrian territory”.

“The two sides agreed to advance the technical details by creating a joint team,” the senior official said.

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