SYRIZA: A. Tsipras gives ‘appointments’ with the middle class through precision

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By Niki Zorba

Were they surprised in Koumoundourou with the extraordinary allowances announced yesterday by Kyriakos Mitsotakis during the discussion of the political leaders about the accuracy caused by Alexis Tsipras?

Since no relevant information had been leaked about the prime minister’s initiative, yes. They were surprised if they had the reaction ready, no. The President of SYRIZA already from his prologue announced that his party will vote for the “crumbs”, clarifying on the one hand that it will vote for anything pro-government brought on the other hand that “crumbs” are the extraordinary allowances announced by the prime minister in relation to what the conditions require, as well as what workers earn and sensitive social groups, is welcome.

Beyond that, the relevant discussion in Koumoundourou about extraordinary benefits, ends with asterisks, here.

For example, party sources assess the fact that they see it as important – that the government announces some measures, even if only a few, only when it is pressured by the official opposition. They cite as an example the developments with last week’s sermon that brought the extension of austerity measures for unvaccinated citizens and yesterday’s announcements.

Middle class and benefits

Beyond that, Alexis Tsipras targeted the pool of the middle class and businesses, reiterating that she is the one who “pays for the marble” because the government prioritizes deals with big interests.

This is a permanent sign of the official opposition which, depending on the situation, it “reminds”: About PPC, cartels, accuracy, direct assignments, etc. K.

For the rest, Koumoundourou, through her sources, charges the government:

1. Trying to turn the conversation from precision to benefits – suckers. He did not say anything about accuracy and price increases, except that the accuracy is due to the explosive growth) and that it is a temporary phenomenon

2. Accuracy dissolves households and businesses – which have absolutely no support measures.

3.After first cutting the social dividend from the Budget to give a 900 million euro dowry for the privatization of supplementary insurance and after abolishing the permanent 13th pension that was characterized as crumbs, the whole for low-income pensioners and half for the higher pensions, it gives 250 euros to low-income retirees. After cutting 50m euros in disability policy spending in the 2022 budget, it is raising 250m euros for disabled beneficiaries.
And after leaving the health workers at their mercy to fight alone in the pandemic, without recruitment and without even having paid them on duty and cutting 820 million euros for Health expenses, now he is going to please them with half a salary.


Source From: Capital

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