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SYRIZA amendment for non-payment of the power adjustment clause

SYRIZA amendment for non-payment of the power adjustment clause

The initiative of the Bar Associations for legal action against the legality of the current adjustment clause was at the center of the meeting that the president of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras, had today with the presidency of the Plenary Session of the Bar Association to accuracy.

“Unfortunately, our country is a champion in the wholesale price of electricity in Europe. And the only country in the European Union that transmits to the consumer almost 100% of the cost of skyrocketing profits and scandal,” said Mr. Tsipras after the meeting.

“Today I visited the Athens Bar Association because it took an initiative, together with other bar associations, to go to court for the so-called adjustment clause. This trick that increases, doubles, triples the electricity bills to the consumer is unreasonable. “It’s illegal. It is a ploy to pass all the costs on to the consumer and providers and producers to have no business risk.”

“The outcome of this case in the courts is the crucial battle for the consumer in the near future,” said the president of SYRIZA-PS, informing about the initiative that the official opposition will take tomorrow to submit a legislative amendment, which, as he said, “will enable consumers not to pay the adjustment clause until its legality is judged in Greek courts.” He even called on the government “to stop whistling indifferently and all parties to support this initiative.”

“We live in a state governed by the rule of law, in a benevolent state, and irrational and illegal practices can not burden the citizen, to the point where households and businesses today have an existential problem. the pension, “he said.

“And when households and businesses can not make ends meet, then the laws must be implemented. So we support this initiative of the DSA and other bar associations, the Consumers’ Union, EKPOIZO. And the initiative to bring the issue to “Parliament and to create a legislative framework for the protection of citizens in the near future will be the one that will enable us to escape from this terrible pressure that concerns the entire Greek society today in relation to the huge bills”, concluded the leader of the official opposition.

Earlier, Mr. Tsipras, in the meeting he had with the presidency of the Plenary Session of the Greek Bar Associations, stressed that “what the people who do not know legally understand is that they see an account that comes approximately the same in terms of quantity electricity and costs and an adjustment clause that increases it three times “, commenting that” this has driven people crazy and we consider it absurd “. The president of SYRIZA PS pointed out that “99% of the increases, which are made artificially and create skyrocketing profits, are passed on to the consumer”, noting that “this only happens in our country”.

He added that “when the incoming bill exceeds the salary, income or pension, we are talking about a large group of our fellow citizens who do not simply have difficulties, but have exceeded their limits” and that they are “law-abiding citizens who did not leave never account unpaid for so many years, but at the moment they do not have the ability “. He explained that if these people who can not cope with the power outage, “then we will face a critical social phenomenon.”

For this reason, Mr. Tsipras formulated the question whether, apart from being “irrational”, the adjustment clause is also “illegal”, emphasizing that with the help of Justice, the citizens can find their right “in order to force those who have thought to take back this trick, in order to normalize the lives of the citizens “.

Finally, in this context, he congratulated the President of the Plenary Session of the Bar Associations, Dimitris Vervesos, for the initiative he took against the adjustment clause, emphasizing that “it is very important for a professional association to highlight issues that concern not only the guild but also the society”.

For his part, Mr. Vervesos said that their decision to support vulnerable households and citizens to face the huge increase in energy tariffs at the legal level is clear and firm.

He also explained that they support the collective lawsuit of EKPOIZO against the energy companies and at the same time use all the legal weapons in order to support the citizens in the separate lawsuits they make, as well as that a lawsuit model is planned to be sent to lawyers across the country. in the representation of citizens.

Finally, he stressed that lawyers as professionals are also under suffocating financial pressure from the increased tariffs that reach the equivalent of two rents.


Source: Capital