SYRIZA: ‘Chios said no to policies that turn our islands into’ Guantanamo ‘refugees – immigrants’

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The opposition of SYRIZA-PS to the creation of a closed structure for the immigrants in Chios, is expressed in a joint statement by the responsible head of SYRIZA, George Psychogios, the MP of Chios Andreas Michailidis and the MEP Costas Arvanitis.

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The statement said: “The events unfolding in the last hours in Chios are reminiscent of what happened dramatically in February 2020. For the second time, the citizens of the North Aegean islands are erecting a wall against the absurdities of the Government. The Chians, having survived the “Their opposition to the closed structure that Mr. Mitarakis wants to build in Tholos, became clear this morning, preventing the ship” Pelagitis “from disembarking the machinery of the contractor company in both the port of Mesta and that of Chios.” Continuing to claim that the “clearest” no “to the inhuman and dead-end policies, which turn the islands and the country into a prison for tens of thousands of souls and a” crocodile “on behalf of Europe, the Minister received it from his fellow citizens. The impetus to realize that the country’s interests and the observance of the principles of international law are not in line with politics but Orban and Salvini. “Ropes have already been condemned in the collective consciousness of our people.”

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Finally, they called on the EU government and leadership “to stop hiding behind the elaborate wording of the proposed New Pact on Immigration and Asylum” and added: “Their failed Pact will not pass, neither in the European Parliament, nor in the Chios, nowhere! Europe needs solutions with humanity, respect for international law and real Solidarity between its peoples, it needs a functioning mechanism of compulsory and equal relocation, legal and safe passageways, combating the causes of refugee and immigration, democracy and. “We need solidarity with refugees, but also solidarity from the mainland to the islands and from the other Member States to the countries of first entry. This is the only human policy and the best response to any kind of instrumentation.”


Source From: Capital

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