SYRIZA: Coals are hydrocarbons

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Today’s statements of Mr. Mitsotakis during his visit to the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Management Company (EDEY) do not include any immediately applicable solution for the energy adequacy of Greece, SYRIZA comments on the current announcements of the Prime Minister through the competent authorities. – P. Perka.

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In a joint statement, they state that: “Mr. Mitsotakis once again admitted the inadequacy and failure of his government but also the lack of a plan for the energy security of Greece.

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His statements, of course, do not solve the problem of extreme accuracy in electricity and gas, nor the issue of energy security, problems created by the Mitsotakis government and which will be exacerbated by the Ukrainian crisis. Nor do they face the scandal and the energy cartel that Mr. Mitsotakis puts his back on. ”

They continue, adding that “what Mr. Mitsotakis promised today is the acceleration of the investigations that his own government delayed, in areas where the approval of the Strategic Environmental Studies (SEA) and the contracts for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons were completely of SYRIZA.

“After all, all he has to show during his tenure is the departure of companies and the withdrawal of US support for the East Med pipeline, with the justification of Turkey’s reactions.”

According to SYRIZA, “the exploitation of potential hydrocarbon deposits will not be able to provide immediate answers and solutions for the energy efficiency of Greece. Nor will it provide answers in the direction of climate neutrality and environmental protection. Mr. Mitsotakis, after refuting it “announced another act of communication to speed up investigations into gas extraction without submitting any specific proposals or arrangements.”

We remind you, concludes the announcement of the leaders of the official opposition “that energy and environmental security and the sustainability of the economy and society require a plan for Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Saving and Storage, but also the treatment of energy shortages. that the ND government does not have “.

Source: Capital

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