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SYRIZA: Continues the ‘war’ on the government to be precise – Tsipras in the Competition Committee

By Niki Zorba

As long as the Government insists that the crisis is imported – and the accuracy apparently likewise, SYRIZA will continue the battle of deconstructing the governmental “alothi”.

This idiosyncratic Government-Opposition officer brawl about “blaming them” for the strong accuracy pressures that Society and the Economy are under has been going on for months, culminating in the Russian invasion of Ukraine that exacerbated the consequences of explosive inflation, adding the nightmare of the energy crisis.

Koumoundourou, however, with pauses of a few days (as other issues of current affairs intrude on the agenda), continues to keep at the forefront of her opposition tactics, the effort to connect the prime minister and his government with accuracy at all levels.

Alexis Tsipras, who returned yesterday from his family vacation in Portugal, is today visiting the Competition Commission, where he will meet with its president G. Lianos.

In the meantime, the economic Staff of SYRIZA is criticizing the Government for the country’s performance, with constant tension.

The Head of Development and Investments, Alexis Haritsis yesterday, attacked the Government, regarding Oil prices:

“International oil prices are de-escalating to pre-war levels. But here the government is letting profiteering go unchecked. Result? Fuel prices at a record high for months and more expensive gasoline prices across Europe,” he said, concluding with the SYRIZA motto: “This is clearly to be precise, Mitsotakis”.

In the previous days, on the occasion of inflation, he addressed the same objections in a joint statement with the head of the finance department of the party, Efi Ahtsioglou:

“The figures announced by Eurostat confirm that inflation in our country has settled at very high levels and is significantly higher than the Eurozone average,” they said, adding that “Mr. Mitsotakis and his choices are leading the looting of income of the citizens by protecting and strengthening profiteering and cartels”. The conclusion of the statement consistently consistent with the opposition “slogan”: “The government bears full responsibility for both the extreme level of accuracy and the failure to protect society.”

The strategy

SYRIZA’s strategy for efforts in every sector of the economy and society that is under pressure to seek government responsibilities in general and of the prime minister in particular, has been repeatedly described by the party’s leadership through statements and interventions.

Sampling just a few of Alexis Tsipras’ recent statements:

*Mr. Mitsotakis ultimately functions as the long arm of profiteering in society. He stubbornly refuses the ceiling on prices, when in France the French PPC has been nationalized.

*We see that Greece is a champion in electricity and gasoline prices at the same time that it is in the last places in Europe in terms of wages. Households and businesses are paying in two words for Mr. Mitsotakis’ obsession with serving the cartels at the expense of society.

*Accuracy showed its teeth in Greece before the war broke out in Ukraine. But obviously the inflationary crisis has global characteristics. No one overlooks it. But energy inflation in the EU from May 21 to May 22 was recorded at 39% and in Greece at 62%. Well, this extra 23% that gives us the negative lead is the Mitsotakis precision, which comes to be added to the objective price increase at the international level. And her twin sister, the swindler, is also a Mitsotakis swindler.

*The electricity prices announced for the month of August, apart from the hypocrisy of the government, prove that it leads us into uncharted waters in energy, but with sure accuracy for consumers and sure super profits for the cartel in the electricity market.

*Instead of repealing or suspending the clause in August, as he had promised, Mr. Mitsotakis finally chooses to drive electricity prices to record levels. Prices did not fall, but rather rose.

Source: Capital

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