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SYRIZA: Curtain after music in Athens by Tsipras in pre-election rally (duration?)

By Niki Zorba

Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues with successive statements of putting a “tombstone” in autumn ballot scenarios, and Alexis Tsipras continues in the pre-election planning that SYRIZA created with an eye (also) on possible surprises, ie elections in the Autumn.

In an open pre-election event after music, tonight the president of SYRIZA from Peristeri, the “heart” of Western Athens, will present the main program positions of his party but above all, he will hold the pre-election baguette, giving a “signal” that for the Koumundourou, the Prime Minister’s assurances that the polls will be set up at the end of the four-year period, are not considered reliable. At least not to such an extent as to allow the official opposition to change its plans and be left in a summer rut.

Anyway, despite the end of the alarm in the Government for elections with the first rains, political spirits are heated, especially between the two big players, with SYRIZA on a daily basis pounding the Government on issues of accuracy, social policy and “integrity” ” of its top executives.

It is in this climate that tonight’s speech by Mr. Tsipras will take place at the Peristeri event, where the message will have (with a beacon and the location) at its center the low paid, self-employed, socially vulnerable, the world of work that is most affected from accuracy.

There will be no more references to the need for “political change”, the main motto of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA for several weeks, with the opening of the party’s programmatic fan for its “social agenda”.

They are not convinced

In Koumoundourou, however, they have already started to roll out a “win win” strategy for the Fall: If Mr. Mitsotakis goes to the elections, they will be “ready”, if he doesn’t go, they will accuse him of being afraid of the outcome of the ballot box.

In their public statements in any case, they emit a signal of suspicion about the Prime Minister’s intentions.

The statement of the press representative of SYRIZA Nasos Iliopoulos is indicative:

“Mr. Mitsotakis repeats that the elections will be held at the end of the four years – maybe he will convince his MPs and ministers, since they don’t believe him either” he said yesterday, adding:

“One day he announces candidates and the next day he is concerned about political stability. He wavers because he knows that whenever elections are held, the nightmare with his name will also end. He knows well that the only stability he ensures is that of the citizens’ march to extreme impoverishment”.

At the conclusion of his statement, the chorus of SYRIZA’s central message for the next period is condensed:

“As for the mockery of the reserves, the only ones Mr. Mitsotakis keeps are the reserves to continue supporting the profiteering in electricity and fuel.”

Source: Capital

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