SYRIZA demands removal of N. Romanou for the ‘Turkish representation’

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SYRIZA demands the removal of the director of the press office of ND Nikos Romanou with an orgy announcement issued.

The director of the ND press office, Mr. Romanos, proved once again the magnitude of the political decline he represents by boldly stating on his television appearance that the speech of the official opposition leader was “a speech of Turkish representation.” “We hear from Chrysaugites, they are extorting them without a trace of political responsibility and historical conscience of what top executives of the ruling party say,” SYRIZA said in a statement, asking the prime minister and president of the ND to delete him:

“Mr. Mitsotakis has one last chance to prove that he has not made the national division his strategic choice in the face of his frightening impasses and that he has not turned his New Democracy today into a Greek Alarm of the ’50s. As then, so now the “She is the last one on the right who can teach patriotism lessons. To remove from the ND today the miserable director of her press office.”

Source: Capital

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