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SYRIZA: Ecology and the scenarios are back – A. Tsipras: Conference ‘in any way’

By Niki Zorba

Double crisis (pandemic and accuracy) , double “opportunity”, seedoes SYRIZA say about the next months of 2022?

Not exactly but most likely yes. Opera practically means that Koumoundourou “runs” just in case, now urgently and on a daily basis asking for the announcement of elections from Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The assessment that the government is under pressure that have begun to “take off” the sweater of the policy of domination, on the occasion of the management of the pandemic and the onset of the energy crisis and accuracy, has been stable lately in the 7th of Koumoundourou.


Alexis Tsipras called for elections, defying the objective difficulty of convincingly explaining how elections are called for when he speaks of a health tragedy, precisely for this reason: Consolidation of his party which – still – has an obvious inability to reap any political benefits and to record the call for early elections as a “dynamic” and “extroverted” move so that if the prime minister finally presses the election button, he can claim to have participated in political developments, under pressure.

Hence the discussion within the Syriza walls about a possible new postponement third congress of SYRIZA, “fell” on the presidential wall. Alexis Tsipras clarified to his executives that the conference will be held according to schedule (end of February) either way (live or digitally or in a hybrid way) regardless of the course of the pandemic.

“We have to move on,” is said to be the culmination of his decision, although another political council meeting is formally pending to formally take any decisions.

Pressing and election scenarios

THE SYRIZA opposition agenda for the foreseeable future, it is consciously monotonous: Daily pounding on the Government for its epidemiological conditions and decisions (schools, tracking tests, etc.) in combination (or alternately depending on the topicality) with hard rock for accuracy and energy crisis.

These are the factors that estimate in SYRIZA that it will be a “game changer” in the political scene, an assessment that was reaffirmed by the election scenarios (double, triple ballot or a government with a third person as prime minister) that were circulated in the press in the last twenty-four hours.

It goes without saying that they do not even discuss a scenario of a large coalition as a joke in SYRIZA, while the same applies in full to other scenarios of a non-political person for the prime minister.

Their bet, at this stage in Koumoundourou, is in the beginning, to move the needle of the SYRIZA poll that has been “stuck” for months now, causing objective defeat in the official opposition party and short-circuiting the image for the possibility of its full return to power.

As an “alibi” traditionally regarding the popular image of SYRIZA, they use in Koumoundourou that:

1. The party always recorded significantly higher percentages in elections than those given to it by the polls

2. How there is “under-representation” of his positions in the media with over-coverage of government activities.

This is sought to “turn around” with the tours and events that Alexis Tsipras carries out throughout the country in the form of preparations on the way to the conference.

The relevant actions of Mr. Tsipras are being postponed for a few days, since yesterday he announced that he identified through molecular control that is positive in the coronary artery, however, showing mild symptoms.


Source From: Capital

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