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SYRIZA: Mr. Plevris leaves the window open for new measures and Mr. Mitsotakis continues his vacation carefree

“For so long, Mr. Mitsotakis has been ignoring the proposals of SYRIZA and the scientists for measures to stop the pandemic, in order to prevent new losses and the possibility of a new catastrophic lockdown”, SYRIZA-PS underlines in today’s announcement.

As the main opposition party points out, “yesterday, with a record 9,284 cases, he again refused to take things for granted: Talk about reliable tracking with massive and free rapid and molecular tests for citizens, for more public transport routes, for a change of protocol schools, to strengthen the collapsing NSS, to order private clinics and to seriously expand teleworking “.

“Only a padlock and no support measures in the restaurant, to which only the vaccinated have access”, he adds, emphasizing the need “to explain how this is in line with the” pandemic of the unvaccinated “of Mr. Mitsotakis”.

“And today, before the ink dries well from the parody measures, Mr. Plevris leaves the window open for new measures. The only person who is not outraged by the incredible incompetence of the government is Mr. Mitsotakis who continues carelessly his vacation, while the country is walking on the cliff “, concludes the announcement of SYRIZA-PS.

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Source From: Capital

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