SYRIZA: Operation to degrade the image of division and cracking after the Conference

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By Niki Zorba

More than one “incident” in the four-day 3rd conference of SYRIZA Men – with the culmination of the vote on the statute that was finally meteoric and was postponed to 15. 05- but Koumoundourou tries to downplay the internal party charges and to blur the picture of cracking given by the party (Majority- to Umbrella) give – and other handles – to her party opponents.

The degradation of disagreements

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This is obviously not the only (or main) goalς. When, according to SYRIZA, the message that the party congress is trying to send is that “political change is just around the corner” and the main opposition party is on its way to a “new beginning” (both the central slogans of the 3rd congress), it is solo to leave the conference ‘slaughtered’ inside. It also has to “answer” to the impressions and the surrounding: If you can not agree with each other on how to govern us, how do you expect the Citizens to respond to your call?

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That is why, both publicly and individually, Koumoundourou is fighting the battle of falling tones and the degradation of internal party disagreements.

In fact, party sources, in this context and serving this goal, characterize “artificial” the image of division within it, attributing it – where else? – to pro-government media, clarifying that in the “major” there is full agreement . The text of the political decision of the Conference was passed unanimously. Where the priorities, the physiognomy, the goals of the party and so on are reflected.

As far as “tricks” that marked the closing of the conference (in this case the quarrel in the vote for the statute), SYRIZA sources attribute the “involvement” in “questioning the assessment of the presidency” for its outcome and in the impossibility of counting the votes due to the departure of a large number of delegates.

And the story of SYRIZA

Regarding the vote with which the titles at the end of the conference fell episodically, associates of Alexis Tsipras state that:

“In a vote on an amendment to the new statute, the Bureau’s assessment of its outcome was called into question. A count was attempted even when it was deemed impossible to happen in the limited time limits for the departure of the Delegates from the region, it was decided to set up a ballot box to vote and on this the Delegates at the same time with the ballot boxes for the election of JV and President. And to continue the process for the voting of the Positions and the Political Decision without the body having flown. This is not an unusual thing for the Left to do, nor is it a major strategic issue. ”

They also refer to the disgust of the president of SYRIZA in the speech of his decision, a little before the quarrel that “ “There are no losers in here, only winners.”

In the major and the critical, “the whole of SYRIZA” is on the same side, say the same sources:

“The fruitful, thorough and wide-ranging dialogue at the Congress confirmed the agreement of all the major parties on the party’s policy, social policies and priorities, programmatic commitments. The decisions of the Congress and the messages of the work are very clear. the Political Decision of the Conference, the most important, that is, the proposal for a quota of 50% in the representation of women (SYRIZA is made by the first parties in Europe with equal representation of genders), voted with a majority of almost 3/4 of the President’s proposal for changes in statute and election of President and Central Committee from the base of the Party “.

At the same time of course, is trying to drop the internal party tones, opera difficult bet since the cross-donation for the promotion of the members of the new Central Committee on May 15, is a field of hard bra de fer between majority and Umbrella.

Source: Capital

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