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SYRIZA: Political change only after elections

By Niki Zorba

The protagonist of the day is Nikos Androulakis, as logical and reasonable, as the victim of the events and his movements in the direction of putting pressure on the government and Kyriakos Mitsotakis personally, naturally have the absolute support of SYRIZA and its president.

As a matter of fact, based on “common political logic”, the opposition steps of Koumoundourou and Harilaou Trikoupis are identical and without any pre-negotiation, clarify sources of the official opposition, which is fully in line with the demands of the president of PASOK.

Does the planning and fermentation in SYRIZA stop there, at “self-evident support”? Certainly not, because regardless of everything else (new revelations or not), from August 22 when the Parliament reopens, the bra-de-fer at the level of political leaders will take place between the Prime Minister and the leader of the Official Opposition.

The president of SYRIZA increases the pressure on Kyriakos Mitsotakis, investing in an (again, “obvious”) opposition front of the “democratic forces of the opposition” against the revelations.

Koumoundourou does not launch any cutting edge for PASOK and its president and is not – obviously – at least in party competition. He is pushing parliamentaryly (here and now, the opening of Parliament and the convening of the Institutions and Transparency Committee, discussion of political leaders, etc.) with absolute satisfaction for the deep and unbridgeable gap between Nikos Androulakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Everything that is taking place, after all, at the moment in the political scene, between the government and Harilaos Trikoupis, has as its background the “objective fact” according to SYRIZA that… the natural leader of the democratic faction and the “opposition of the progressive forces” is the president of.


If in Koumoundourou, due to the precision, mistakes and omissions of the government during the three years, they saw the anti-SYRIZA front weakened, in the light of the new developments, they see it as a “finished business”.

With great satisfaction, they watch the rift and the rebuttals exchanged by the government with PASOK officials who were close to the ruling faction in recent years on the basis of defending the liberal European orientation of the government and the “Rule of Law” alliance.

In a simple translation: The alliance against SYRIZA, on this basis, is being broken at this time and SYRIZA is rubbing its hands. In these delicate balances, and in order not to “reflexively” irritate PASOK executives (and voters) who saw more positively a possible post-election partnership with the ND. of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, diligently avoids movements (or leaks) that could cause anti-gatherings with a… provocative character.

It is enough – as far as the political field is concerned – that the “base” of the voters of the traditional PASOK has developed anti-Missotak reflexes, after the recent developments.


And while Alexis Tsipras personally (in contrast to the central mechanism of Koumoundourou executives who on a daily basis calls for the resignation of Mitsotakis), remains in unusually “restrained” and institutional tones, SYRIZA is thoroughly monitoring (and not without reservations) scenarios of political change which “circulate” from various “Centers” and paracenters, without national elections having preceded.

In general, consent to change “on the fly” of the political status quo, in the standards of 2011, he does not intend to give and categorically rejects them.

“Only the national elections and not dark chambers will provide a way out”, declares Koumoundourou unequivocally, who emphatically clarifies, at every opportunity, that when she refers to “Mitsotakis resignation”, she clearly means: “Resignation of the Mitsotakis Government and elections”. .

This in no way means that they do not enjoy in SYRIZA the – until yesterday – political voices friendly to the government that now openly turn against the prime minister and expose the “centrist” profile of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his – constant for three years – poll superiority to middle class and Center voters.

In the midst of these developments, in anticipation of new revelations which SYRIZA believes will probably follow, in combination with the extent that the issue of surveillance has received in the foreign press (Koumoundourou accuses the government of having “literally hung the country by the pegs), that no matter how much the prime minister wishes to avoid the elections immediately, he will not succeed.

Until the last week of August, when there will be the most important ones (at the parliamentary level), SYRIZA leaves open all the scenarios for how it will move in the Parliament. Among them, even the possibility of a motion of censure has fallen on the table of meetings (and of the Political Secretariat of the party), with no definitive decisions until now.

Republished from “Chapter” in circulation

Source: Capital

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