SYRIZA Proposal for Inquiry – ND Sources: SYRIZA Isolated and trapped in its ideologies

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The request for the time investigation of the work of the Inquiry Committee from 2015 set by ND, at the beginning of the meeting and its rejection by the official opposition party was commented by the majority sources, who stated:

“SYRIZA remains isolated and trapped in its ideologies with its refusal to extend the control of funding to the media and polling companies in a neutral wording without any implication, as proposed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of Parliament today. and the other opposition parties.

The proposal of Mr. Mitsotakis – which was then accepted by Alexis Tsipras but then revoked – was repeated by the parliamentary representative of ND Haris Theocharis in the debate “on the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the political manipulation of public opinion, degradation of institutions and waste of public money “.

The official refusal of the main opposition party to shed enough light on the government of its own period raises questions that require answers. What does SYRIZA have to hide and does not dare to control? What is he afraid of and refuses to investigate? ”

D. Kairidis: SYRIZA resorts to cheap, political, opposition tactics – Operation of vulgarity to journalists

ND will vote against SYRIZA’s proposal, which is devoid of purpose and is just an opposition firework that, like so many others before, refuses to explode, “said ND rapporteur Dimitris Kairidis, during the plenary debate on SYRIZA’s request for an examination .

The rapporteur of the majority clarified that ND “contributes in a coordinated, creative and, absolutely institutional, way to the work of the Commission, denouncing, at the same time, the old party practices, the populism and the political confusion of SYRIZA”.

Mr. Kairidis stressed that SYRIZA’s initiative for government funding for the pandemic campaign “reaches the limits of comedy”, and that a company was funded for ND to appear above SYRIZA in a poll, when all The polls of all companies throughout the reporting period of the SYRIZA proposal, more or less agree on the same, that is, the double-digit difference in favor of New Democracy with the official opposition.

He described the pandemic campaign as “a very successful campaign that saved lives and performed well above the European average” and recalled that he was “praised by many in the media, as he included more than 1,200 media outlets across the country, without exclusions, with transparent criteria, and respecting the provision for the allocation of 30% of the expenditure to the regional media for the first time perhaps “.

Mr. Kairidis noted that SYRIZA today is activating a possibility given to it by the proposal made by ND during the revision of the Constitution, despite the fact that at that time it “insulted” it and proving that this is the party that not only founded the Third Hellenic Republic but also continues to deepen it.

He blamed the main opposition party for resorting to the current proposal to set up a Commission of Inquiry to hide “the obvious political weakness and confusion and whirlwind” in which the government ” weakens, widens, in relation to the result of the elections of July 2019 “.

SYRIZA said “it denies self-criticism and, instead of adapting, returns to the extremes of its early governmental and pre-governmental past. He blamed the main opposition party for “being weak and trying to find a replacement for the weakness of its political positions and arguments and of its overall opposition strategy through scandal – as sloppy and often comical as it may be”. He attributed to SYRIZA that he resorted to scandal imported from Austria as a “normal Pirandello”, walking “with innocence and ideologies, with gods and demons, with oversimplifications, misunderstandings and provocative ignorance of the international becoming”

Referring to the text of the proposal for the establishment of a commission of inquiry, he described it as “extremely offensive to Greek journalists, whom he describes as slaves to government power”, saying that “this is a deeply anti-democratic and dangerous perception. It is an operation of” vulgarity “. , fueling an intolerable irrational populism. An “anti-systemicism” that leads nowhere ”

The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said Mr. Kairidis, “suggested and Alexis Tsipras, initially, seemed to accept, to vote a joint proposal for a Commission of Inquiry that will investigate the entire period from 2015 onwards. and opposition parties.

However, SYRIZA refused, said the ND rapporteur and asked: “What are you afraid of? Why do not you want to consider your own period? Why do not we proceed to a joint Commission? political opposition tactics that do not move anyone outside this Chamber? ”

He concluded: “It is a real pity that an opportunity is lost for a more substantive debate on the institutional shielding of our Republic.”

* In Parliament, the SYRIZA proposal for an inquiry into the “operation of manipulating public opinion”


Source From: Capital

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