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SYRIZA-PS: ‘Someone in the government must immediately collect Mr. Georgiadis’

Today’s post by the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, comments on the press office of SYRIZA-PS, stressing that “someone in the government must collect him immediately”.

“First with the manipulations he allowed the EU to hand Erdogan the TurkAegean label, thinking that no one would bother,” notes the official opposition. “Then he had a fight with the employees of his ministry to put the responsibility of his inadequacy on them. And today he is feeding like his voters using marginal private video that even the Turkish state has not done”, he adds and underlines: “The man has started becoming very dangerous. We told him yesterday we will tell him today: patriots like him have been associated with the greatest disgraces of Greece”. “However, the question is different. Will Mr. Mitsotakis continue to provide him with coverage?”, concludes the SYRIZA-PS comment.

Source: Capital

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