SYRIZA-PS: The management of ERT in an unacceptable way tries to prevent the work stoppage of ESIEA

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“At a time when journalists in the public media are demanding the self-evident improvement of the institutional and financial conditions in their work, the management of ERT is unacceptably trying to prevent the work stoppage declared by ESIEA, even reaching the point of setting up a strike mechanism exposing “once again the public television internationally”, SYRIZA-PS underlines in its announcement.

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“We remind you that recently the president of ERT, Mr. Zoulas, was expelled from ESIEA and since then he has not shown the elementary vigor to resign. He is thus a milestone in the history of Greek journalism. ERT was to increase its own salary, receiving provocative amounts “, the relevant announcement states and continues:” And today the same man turns against the claims of his -typically- colleagues doing the only thing he is able to do well: service to Mr. Mitsotakis “.

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“In this way, once again, it turns out that the country is ruled by a painless group of parents and Louisians who are not moved by anything but their chair and pocket,” concludes SYRIZA-PS.


Source: Capital

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