SYRIZA requests Mitsotakis’ resignation, yes to an investigation with a commitment to a Pre-Investigation

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By Niki Zorba

The Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, which held an extraordinary meeting this morning under the leadership of Alexis Tsipras, came to two conclusions, one “yes” and one commitment to assess the developments in the wiretapping case.

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Resignation of Mitsotakis, intervention of the Supreme Court, yes to an inquiry as a self-evident next step but with a simultaneous commitment by SYRIZA to establish a Pre-Inquiry Committee after the elections, as special claims from an inquiry, given that the government has the majority, do not have the official opposition.

Koumoundourou continues to talk about “watergate Mitsotakis” and an unprecedented attempt at institutional diversion. All means of “war” against the government were discussed – and the motion of impeachment of course – without abandoning it as a scenario and “weapon”, for some time later, depending on the developments.

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After the meeting, SYRIZA issued a detailed statement:

“The resignations of the prime minister’s closest associate, G. Dimitriadis and the head of the EYP, P. Kontoleon, under the weight of the revelations about the Greek Watergate, cannot and will not cover up what all Greek men and women have realize: That the main person responsible for this unprecedented attempt at democratic diversion is K. Mitsotakis himself.

Mr. Mitsotakis is the one who transferred the supervision of the EYP to Maximou, and indeed as soon as he assumed power.

Mr. Mitsotakis is the founder and head of a power regime that works against transparency, accountability, against the democratic state itself.

Mr. Mitsotakis is the politician responsible for the paraEFP and the surveillance scandal with the illegal Predator software.

The Greek Watergate has his signature.

So if someone should resign for the obvious democratic deviation, it is not the Governor of the EYP, nor the Prime Minister instead, but Mr. Mitsotakis himself.

In any democratic European country, such a dark case of surveillance, involving at least one political party leader and a journalist, would have been unthinkable and would have already led to the resignation of the government.

In Mr. Mitsotakis’ Greece, they did everything they could to cover up the scandal of illegal surveillance.

Both the government representative from the beginning of the revelations and the Ministers of State Gerapetritis and Pierakakis lied knowingly to the Institutions and Transparency Committee.

They tried to hush it up, through their friendly media.

And now, in fear of their criminal liability, with a host of government leaks, they are making up various ridiculous and conflicting excuses.

They even went so far as to involve even foreign agencies in a case concerning the surveillance of Greek citizens. Which, even if it were true, would not only not justify them, but would further burden their position.

They also have the audacity to talk about a so-called “toxic climate”, those who brutally circumvent the democratic institutions every day.

They are in vain.

All will come to light, and the truth will shine. The Greek people deserve and will learn the whole truth about one of the darkest stories of the last many years.

And the crucial question for every citizen at this time is which other politicians and journalists are being monitored by the Mitsotakis regime?

Therefore, in order to answer this major question and not about how the truth was leaked, we consider it necessary for the immediate intervention of the Supreme Court prosecutor in the EYP. With the aim of fully clarifying its illegal operation, and restoring it within the framework of the Constitution and the laws.

We also consider it self-evident the establishment of an inquiry committee by this Parliament.

However, we are also committed to conducting a pre-investigation committee by the next Parliament with a progressive majority, so that those who knowingly violated the basic principles of the democratic functioning of the State will be held accountable in Justice.

Finally, we are committed to changing the legislation regarding the EYP, with the aim of removing it from the Prime Minister’s office and entrusting its supervision to a cross-party parliamentary committee, following the standards of other European states.

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance will fight with every suitable legal and parliamentary means for the full disclosure of the culprits, no matter how high they are.”

Source: Capital

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