SYRIZA requests that the commander of the EYP be summoned to the Committee of Institutions

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The extraordinary convening of the Special Standing Committee on Institutions and Transparency of the Parliament is requested by the deputies of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, who participate in it as members, with their request to its chairman.

George Katrougalos, Nikos Voutsis, Spyros Lappas, Theofilos Xanthopoulos and Pavlos Polakis request the extraordinary meeting of the Committee in order to summon the commander of the EYP to a hearing on the occasion of a report of the “Journal of the Authors” according to which the EP informs for their moves the prime minister himself.

They argue that the EYP governor should explain “why civil servants, lawyers and journalists have been targeted by his service, why he is asking for the registration of the ideological background and personal data of protesting citizens, why anyone who defends the rights of “What a threat to public safety is a 12-year-old refugee who made a published sketch.”

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ


Source From: Capital

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