SYRIZA: The coverage of Polaki’s make-up continues despite the nerves

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By Niki Zorba

A meal for Pavlos Polakis turned into an “emergency” and an occasion for a new political conflict. The riot that the MP from Chania caused to representatives of ELAS on the occasion of an audit for the observance of the restrictive measures in the restaurant, brought the SYRIZA MP “protagonist” in the news again, causing a clash with the Government as expected.

There had been other “fires” concerning their positions – the plan that SYRIZA has according to the MP himself- for Justice.

There is no end to the “dramas” with Apsy Sfakianos who, in theory, is subject to same warnings addressed by Alexis Tsipras and to other executives, through the removal of Kouroubli.

The emergencies with Pavlos Polakis are so many that they are “normal” in SYRIZA despite the occasional “emptying” that it has suffered from the leadership of Koumoundourou and the desperate voices of a few inside the party: What will happen to him now?

Nothing happens.

On the contrary, despite the assumptions and – within the close circle of associates of Alexis Tsipras – that Pavlos Polakis causes serious damage to the window of SYRIZA, much more convincing now that there is a fresh competitor in the center-left, Nikos Androulakis, is allowed – and if not to the MP from Chania to constantly wander as a permanent “exception” to what applies horizontally to his comrades.


Embarrassed, SYRIZA from time to time tries to downplay the interventions of its MP, with comments that suggest acceptance: it is a case … sui generis.

Koumoundourou is looking for a lifeline in the fact that the ruling party exaggerates Polakis’s make-up every time, certainly identifying him with Alexis Tsipras, through the equation: Polakis equals Tsipras and phrases such as “the alter ego” of the SYRIZA president.

They jointly choose in the “headquarters” of SYRIZA the interpretation of the “instrumentalization” of the behaviors of the “absurd” MP by their political opponents, each time, as they claim, that the government wants to change the agenda.

Pavlos Polakis generously shares the opportunities with his party’s opponents, however. Generous attitude and no one can look for him on it, the truth be told.

Beyond that, the reflection within SYRIZA remains the same (for years now): It costs us more than it benefits us, something must be done with it, this situation can not continue, it expels centrist, moderate citizens to whom we aim and who There are a number of related concerns.

The line of defense for the management of the recent incident was revealed by the secretary of SYRIZA, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos (SKAI), who in fact completely covered it:

1. The Polaki candy has melted.

2. If you saw a police officer being arbitrary towards a citizen, would you intervene? Yes or No; Mr. Polakis found arbitrariness confirmed by the eyewitnesses themselves in the store. The Mitsotaki state is a state of arbitrariness, against this state the tolerance of SYRIZA-PS. is zero, you will not rule with the police and the MAT.


Source From: Capital

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