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SYRIZA: The ‘Institutional Restart’ Tsipras and the rope in the opposition

By Niki Zorba

For now and until the calendar turns to August 22, when the Parliament makes an episodic “premiere” after its hasty opening due to the revelations about the wiretapping, Tsipras and SYRIZA are just “warming up” their engines.

1. They keep the EYP-Government-Monitoring issue high, utilizing on a daily basis elements of journalistic research through announcements

2. They proceed with declarations of intent, addressed to all the political staff of the country in general, and the “democratic opposition” in particular. Basically, PASOK, which is also the driving force behind the whole political storm that broke out at the beginning of August.

The reboot

For this and the eve of August, Alexis Tsipras with his article in EFSYN, more a forerunner of his party’s next steps, he put on the table the issue of the “institutional restart” of the country and the plan needed to shield the Rule of Law.

The president of SYRIZA is preparing “revenge” and in fact through a frontal conflict with the Government for what has been complained about in his own government (apparently not unjustly), regarding the pursuit of “destroying the state” and the infamous discussion about the “joints of power” which repeatedly brought the internals of his party into turmoil.

The reference of Mr. Tsipras in his said article is typical:

“What is needed is a plan for the withdrawal and reorganization of the 3rd Hellenic Republic. An institutional restart plan, which will concern not only the EYP, but also the Justice, the operation of the media, the independent authorities and the control mechanisms. Facing the black darkness of regime autocracy and the private-family booty state to contrast serious and courageous reforms that will ensure more democracy, transparency, accountability, justice and meritocracy”.

The president of SYRIZA also ends up with the political means (part of his strategy as the dominant party of the opposition – core of the Democratic Faction, as he has repeatedly characterized SYRIZA himself):

“The democratic and progressive world, the democratic faction, must face with determination, prudence and unyielding democratic militancy this bet of national importance. Because the existing differences cannot hide the common goal: the defense of democracy, the rule of law, rights and security of the citizen”.

In a related report of the Capital that apublished by Capital.gr moreover, Koumoundourou’s rationale for the following day in the political scene after the wiretapping case is described, including for SYRIZA’s attitude towards its neighboring party:

“The president of SYRIZA increases the pressure on Kyriakos Mitsotakis, investing in an (again, “obvious”) opposition front of the “democratic forces of the opposition” in the face of the revelations.

Koumoundourou does not launch any cutting edge for PASOK and its president and is not – obviously – at least in party competition. He is pushing parliamentaryly (here and now opening of Parliament and convening of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency, discussion of political leaders, etc.) with absolute satisfaction for the deep and unbridgeable gap between Nikos Androulakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

After all, everything that is currently taking place in the political scene, between the government and Harilaos Trikoupis, has as its background the “objective fact” according to SYRIZA that… the natural leader of the democratic faction and the “opposition of the progressive forces” is the president of”.

Source: Capital

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