SYRIZA: The list fights, the anxiety for the participation and the poisonous ‘arrows’ Tsipras

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By Niki Zorba

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Officially, SYRIZA is not at all anxious about going to the polls on Sunday, nor about the (inevitable) comparisons with the recent internal party process at KINAL, last Sunday, where about 180,000 came to restore the green sun and PASOK.

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Officially only and theoretically, of course. Why in the background one is the only topic of discussion until Sunday in the Syriza corridors (apart from other accomplices such as the issue of the secretary of the new JV): How much will be the participation in the polls for the re-election of Tsipras?

Alexis Tsipras indulges in a sprint last week to attract as many voters as possible. The fact that even the one who will appear to register for the day, on May 15 in SYRIZA, has the right to vote for president, facilitates his pursuit.

No executive risks making public predictions with numbers. The basis in each case is the approximately 60,000 members that the party currently has, however – without specifying a number – the Koumoundourou states that he expects positive surprises on arrival.

Repeatedly, in relevant reports has been reported to him extensively in betting of SYRIZA and especially of Alexis Tsipras for the ballot box on Sunday but also in not so “unifying” climate prevailing within the party. Not only between majority and umbrella but also between rivals for the Central Committee belonging to the same party.

To be precise, most of them episodic incidents (wild, according to how they are transported by SYRIZA executives throughout the Territory), are recorded among executives who “joined” pre-conference against the executives of Umbrella but now dare competing for a position (300 in total) to the new Central Committee that will emerge from the ballot box on Sunday.

In other related news, there is internal discontent from presidents over the minority’s stance regarding the May 15 ballot. They blame her for complete reluctance to mobilize forces participation and increase in the number of members “as if there is no internal party process on Sunday”.

Commonly, accuse Umbrella of “sabotage” in a way, of the whole process, and therefore of Alexis Tsipras, who has given a referendum character to the participation in the SYRIZA polls and sweeps the Territory with tours and public interventions, until the end of the “pre-election” period.

It was also called PASOK when it went to 4.6%

At the same time, however, Mr. Tsipras does not spare medicine darts for his neighboring party, especially after the return of his symbols to the “marquise” of the name.

PASOK-KINAL with the emblem of the green sun, the polls of May 8 took place, for which Charilaou Trikoupi is obviously satisfied. However, the President of SYRIZA, in yesterday’s inter-channel interview in regional media (the “sprint” until the last moment mentioned above), in order to “demystify” the return of the Easter symbols to KINAL, reminded poisonously:

I deeply believe – it does not only concern KINAL, it also concerns SYRIZA and all parties – that the issue is not the signs or the emblem. Because “PASOK was called PASOK and the green sun had an emblem when it followed a policy of co-governing with New Democracy over Mr. Venizelos and Mr. Androulakis, who was the party secretary, and went to 4.6% in 2015”.

Completed the bite to PASOK-KINAL, concluding:

“So, it is not a question of the emblem or the title. The issue is the policies. And I think that there we will all be judged by what we propose, by what we stand for, by whom we want to represent, what proposals we submit to public life. So “We have a clear framework. We say that in front of us is the neo-liberal Right, the worst version of it in recent years, Mr. Mitsotakis.”

Source: Capital

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