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SYRIZA: The polls, the internal party bra de fer in the background, the ‘message’ of A. Tsipras

By Niki Zorba

What do ballasts have and (do not) rot?

Rapid and irreversible deterioration of the Government as SYRIZA sees for months now, not only does it not result (and) from the polls in recent days but on the contrary, the ruling party and the prime minister show impressive resilience despite the individual quality data (accuracy and measures) that reflect the concern and discomfort of the citizens.

SYRIZA “bites “in the last measurements, no doubt. But so limited that even in the exercise of work that it will continue to raise its percentages and the government remains at its own pace, in the months leading up to the elections (even if they take place at the end of the four years), it is not enough for it to return climate.

“Developments are not straightforward, everyday life is relentless, SYRIZA is traditionally under-represented in opinion polls, the quality of the measurements is a” flame-retardant “bomb for the government, the polls will be refuted, SYRIZA will be the first party in the polls simple analog “and others related are stacked in quiver of arguments of the official opposition in order not to lose the positive momentum of the internal party process with the election of a president from the base that found Koumoundourou with 172,000 members and its leadership with a completely personal bet: Of these 172 thousand members, 110,000 Alexis Tsipras brought them, undoubtedly.


At the same time, the restart that SYRIZA (Mr. Tsipras to be precise) pressed, the first phase of which is practically completed on Sunday with the first meeting of the new Central Committee of the party, will mean the disengagement from the internal party surrenders, bruises and balances of terror for the party president.

Theoretically at least. Because yes, the internal opposition was soaked, disapproved of by party members despite holding “Umbrella” but the new human geography of intra-party correlations creates another kind of headache for Mr. Tsipras.

The “presidents” are a pool of executives with diverse characteristics and “style of power”, many of which, yes, serve the plan of Alexis Tsipras but not always with methods that facilitate him or he favors. Commonly, sometimes they create more problems for him than they solve for him (such as P. Polakis).

Until Sunday, after all, until Alexis Tsipras announces his decisions (party secretary, deputies, representative) he is in evolution hard basement “bra de fer” among the executives, with the “tough presidents” claiming to widen their footprint in the party (as well as “scanned “in internal party proceedings).

The president’s interlocutors keep their papers closed for the names of A. Tsipras’s choice, both for the issue of secretary (the report insists that D. Tzanakopoulos is more likely to stay than to leave) but they say that “Alexis Tsipras is not in the market for bargains with any side”.

For the time being, however, the truth is that any discussions and quarters of Mr. Tsipras with party officials and MPs, have been kept secret and absolutely nothing has been leaked about his decisions. If he has received them.


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Source: Capital

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