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SYRIZA: The technocratic advisers of A. Tsipras and the ‘progressive sign’

SYRIZA: The technocratic advisers of A. Tsipras and the ‘progressive sign’

By Niki Zorba

Alexis Tsipras presented yesterday the previously announced think tank with its consultants, thirty in number and technocratic “infrastructure”, in the fields where they operate.

Commonly, the president of SYRIZA “opened” the doors to his party, in this case not at the base but at the top: The demand for the official opposition is the technocratic “glaze” which is given to the leader of the official opposition through his technocratic advisers, to answer: With whom does he claim to rule again? with non-professionals?

The extent to which Mr. Tsipras, as an outspoken contender for power, will be able to convince that he is turning the page in his previous term, is possibly the measure that will define the chances for the success of his goal.

The first step was taken yesterday with the presentation, the first “meeting” as he characterized it, of the group of 30 well-known advisors in the field. Based on the planning, they will have an auxiliary-advisory role to the party leaders, the “shadow ministers” but also in the planning of SYRIZA legislative initiatives.

How did they receive the “group of Tsipras experts” in the interior of SYRIZA? The adventures were gone. The most skeptical just waiting to see how the “marriage” of the technocrats’ think tank with the politicians will work in practice. No complaints have been heard about the scientific adequacy of each one, as in addition, many of the names presented yesterday by the leader of the official opposition, have either participated in thematic events of the party in which he presented the SYRIZA program by sector or was known to the residents of the party Jerusalem that they are in an “open line” with Alexis Tsipras.

The “progressive sign”

During yesterday’s premiere of the rally of 30, A. Tsipras, addressing the members of his think tank, made sure that the party executives are not but called to serve the political plan of SYRIZA. Commonly, they do not have a party sign but they have an ideological one.

1. “Scientific knowledge, theory,” good ideas “enrich and develop a modern progressive strategy. They strengthen it and in the end make it much more reliable, more grounded in society, more effective “, said Mr. Tsipras during his presentation to the members of the think tank, while a little later, he made his message even clearer:

2. “In the land of the pandemic, our country is experiencing a frightening conservative setback, which is leading to the widening of inequalities and the shrinking of the rule of law. The fight to prevent this development must not be based on denial. We do not fight to lose our opponent’s plan, but to win ours“.


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