T. Theodorikakos: Actions against the phenomena of domestic violence

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The Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos presented the actions of the ministry and the Hellenic Police against the phenomena of domestic violence at an ONNED event on “Breaking the cycle of violence against women”.

“The Ministry and the Greek Police have developed a comprehensive plan for the prevention and treatment of domestic violence,” said Mr. Theodorikakos in his speech and added: “The protection of human life is a non-negotiable goal, a daily struggle, but the “These phenomena that emerged from the quarantine are not just a matter for the Police. Cooperation is required mainly with the bodies of the Local Self-Government that have the knowledge through their social structures and can detect the violent behaviors”.

The Minister of Civil Protection then focused on three lines of action:
-In prevention through information and awareness

-In the protection of victims by developing partnerships with all stakeholders

-In the investigation and collection of evidence in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“The training of the staff of the Greek Police is continuous in cooperation with the social bodies. 73 services of the Hellenic Police are dealing with the phenomenon of domestic violence while there are special offices in all the Police Directorates of the country and 6 special departments” pointed out Mr. Theodorikakos added that 910 police officers have received special training to deal with the phenomenon.


Source From: Capital

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