T. Theodorikakos: The government is determined to eradicate violence from society and sports

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The government in the fight against crime and violence “showed reflexes” and it is not an “opportunistic reaction” stressed the Minister of Citizen Protection Takis Theodorikakos during the discussion of the current question of SYRIZA regarding the actions of the police authorities in the operation of the fan club and measures to address the escalation of sporting violence.

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The minister underlined that “for our government, the highest value is human life” and “the first priority is security, which is a condition of freedom, quality, prosperity and the perspective of a society”.

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He characteristically stated that “during the period September 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022, the percentage of so-called low and medium delinquency and crime decreased by 25% to 30%, from the corresponding period 19 to 28 February 2020, ie the first period of our government – pre-quarantine – with the respective two such periods of SYRIZA government “.

During the last three days, the minister said, 530 police checks were carried out in the center of Athens, where 1,215 people were checked and 312 immigrants, who lacked the necessary documents for their legal residence in the country, were taken to Amygdaleza. He also said that 38 people were arrested, two of them for drugs, nine for trafficking and noted “that we will not stop, these operations as part of the overall strategy we have as the Ministry of Civil Protection and as ELAS to deal with crime in “Neighborhoods in every corner of the country. They will be sudden and will include the coordinated use of all ELAS forces.”

Especially for the checks in clubs, branches, offices and locker rooms of fans that were carried out from January 1, 2021 to March 11, 2022 by ELAS throughout the territory, 1,789 checks were carried out which resulted: 81 revocations of licenses / seals and 19 arrests. Indeed, the minister said, most of the checks were intensified and carried out between February 1 and March 11, 2022, after the murder of Alkis: 932 checks were carried out in relevant areas where 80 certificates of infringement, 69 revocations of licenses / seals and 17 arrests were made. and explained that ELAS did checks before, but in the previous period they were reduced as the championships were suspended and the burden of policing fell elsewhere and clearly the tragic loss of Alkis “worked like a very strong bell to both society and the state “.

The minister rejected the criticism that 4,500 Special Guards have been recruited, saying that the real numbers are: 1,500 Special Guards in December 2019, 400 Special Guards of the University Institutions Protection Team, 400 Border Guards in Evros, 800 in the South Aegean and 480 in PROKEKA, a total of 3,580, as he said.

“Our goal, the minister said, is to fight crime, to have a police friendly to the citizen, with full respect for our democratic legitimacy and at the same time tough and effective against crime – and this day by day becomes our commitment.” security for all – security everywhere “to be implemented.

Mr. Theodorikakos pointed out that “I do not claim that everything is perfect or that everything is good” but “the government is working with a plan, with determination and hard work to reduce crime.”

Commenting on the criticism of the university police, he stressed that “the average Greek family does everything to educate their child and universities should be places of freedom, communication, research, education, free exchange of ideas and knowledge and not places for we are not going to allow them to happen – and this is a universal popular demand “.

Regarding violence, he said that any form of “it can not be tolerated and accepted and must be addressed”, much more hooligan-type violence “which is in stark contrast to what sport is” and in this “we must join forces all, in order to create an alliance of determined “and in it we need the cooperation of” the government, the state mechanism, the parties, the political system, the sports actors, the civil society, the Local Government, everyone “.

Referring to the tragic murder of Alkis Kampanos, he said that the Police did their duty with the above as effectively “within a few days located and arrested the alleged killers of the young man”. He noted that the place where the alleged killers of Alkis gathered was not a place characterized as a sports club, nor an association of fans of a team, but an office that had been rented by two specific people who had not been employed by the authorities.

“We are determined to eradicate the phenomenon from Greek sports and our society. To protect the fans and families, who must have the first say in the stadiums. We have proved it with actions,” said the minister and said that “it is very critical our decision to suspend sentences for crimes of violence “. He asked SYRIZA to state clearly whether it is in favor of free movement of hooligans who commit crimes. ”

He also said that a digital Register of Fan Clubs is being created, as well as that football and basketball sports companies are connected to them and take their responsibilities, because the problem will not be solved if the owners of the teams do not actually take their responsibilities.

He announced in advance that ELAS will re-do all the checks on the 69 links that were closed to make sure that they are closed. When the period for the creation of new clubs has passed and before the start of the new championship, ELAS in cooperation with the GGA, will re-inspect all the premises of the new clubs in order to determine that they operate in accordance with the terms of the new sports law. “We will be strict,” he said, “in enforcing the law regarding surveillance cameras inside the stadiums, which is a critical and very useful factor and we will be strict in their operation in view of the new season.

We work with other police services in the country to combat hooliganism and with psychologists. The daily monitoring will be done by the deputy head of ELAS “.


Source: Capital

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