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President Trump’s Indecisiveness Over Stimulus Talks Leads to Volatility in the Stock Market

In a series of late-night tweets by the President, where he first pointed towards calling off the coronavirus relief package until after the elections. In a later post, Trump said that he would immediately sign Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks.

Stock Market Mixed as Trump Moves Out of Hospital, Investors Await Powell Speech

The stock market experienced volatility, jumping up at first at the news of the President returning, followed by a decline at the open due to uncertainty about the stimulus package as investors await Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell’s remarks.

How Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis Will Affect the Stimulus Package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that President Donald Trump contracting the coronavirus could affect the discussions around the coronavirus stimulus package towards evasion. She was still optimistic about getting the package approved before Nov 3.