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The Five Stages of Market Mourning – Perhaps we haven’t seen the worst of the bear market yet

Stock investors probably have a lot of grieving ahead of them before the... bear takes its last breath. According to the five stages of bear market distress, Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch estimates that we are currently in...

Bank of America: Investors unconditionally surrendered to stocks – Pessimism at 2008 levels

Investors have reduced exposure to riskier assets to levels not even seen in the 2008 global financial crisis, according to Bank of America's monthly survey of fund managers, a sign of unconditional capitulation amid a "grim"...

Stock Market Mixed as Trump Moves Out of Hospital, Investors Await Powell Speech

The stock market experienced volatility, jumping up at first at the news of the President returning, followed by a decline at the open due to uncertainty about the stimulus package as investors await Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell’s remarks.

Stock Market Crash! Will the Big Crash come if Trump Loses the Election?

At the beginning of 2020, in the US election campaign, it looked like incumbent US President Donald Trump had his second term as good as in his pocket. In addition to the relatively good poll numbers, many experts also believed that Trump had a...

Denmark Stocks Dive Just Before the Market Closes

After a day full of surprises in the global stock markets, Denmark stocks lower as the market closes with the OMX Copenhagen 20 down 0.56%.

President Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

Hours after the 31-year old adviser to the president tested positive for COVID-19, U.S President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump revealed on early Friday that they also tested positive.