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Taiwan deploys jets and mobile air defense system to monitor exercises in China

Taiwan's defense forces deployed F-16 fighters, a mobile air defense system and a surveillance drone to monitor and follow China's exercises around the island, as shown in images released this Friday (24).

The two days of drills in the Taiwan Strait and around groups of Taiwan-controlled islands off the Chinese coast, which a Taiwanese official said included a simulated shelling of foreign ships, began just three days after new President Lai took office. Ching-te. Taiwan condemned China's actions.

A senior Taiwanese security official told Reuters that several Chinese bombers carried out simulated attacks on foreign ships near the eastern end of the Bashi Canal, which separates Taiwan from the Philippines, practicing how to take “full control” of areas west of the first chain of Islands.

The first island chain refers to the area that runs from Japan, through Taiwan, the Philippines and to Borneo, encompassing the coastal seas of China.

Analysts, regional diplomats and senior Taiwanese officials noted that the scale of the exercises so far has been smaller than similar exercises in 2022 and were widely expected by Taiwanese and foreign officials, but still increased the risk of accidents or miscalculations.

China sends bombers with real missiles

The Chinese military sent bombers carrying real missiles on Friday to carry out simulated attacks on its exercises in Taiwan, state television CCTV said.

(With input from Angie Teo, Albee Zhang and Ryan Woo of Reuters)

Source: CNN Brasil

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