Taiwan missile project supervisor found dead, state agency says

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The deputy head of the Taiwan Ministry of Defense’s research and development unit was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room in the south of the island, according to the official Central News Agency.

According to the Agency, authorities are investigating the cause of death of Ou Yang Li-hsing, deputy head of the military-owned National Institute of Science and Technology Chung-Shan.

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Ou Yang was on a business trip to southern Pingtung County, the CNA reported, adding that he took over earlier this year to oversee various missile production projects.

The military-owned body is working to more than double its annual missile production capacity to about 500 this year as the island increases its combat power amid what it sees as China’s growing military threat.

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On Saturday, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said flares had been fired to alert seven drones flying over the Kinmen Islands and unidentified aircraft flying over the Matsu Islands.

The ministry said troops were on high alert in both areas, which are off the coast of mainland China.

The move comes after Beijing launched large-scale military exercises this week, including the firing of missiles, in response to a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Source: CNN Brasil

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