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Taiwan spotted 37 Chinese military aircraft around the island

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced today that it had spotted 37 Chinese military aircraft around the island, moving to the “western Pacific” to engage a new Chinese aircraft carrier as part of exercises. In a statement he made public around 09:30 (local time; 04:30 Greek time) he said that the “37 Chinese aircraft” that were spotted included fighters, bombers and drones. 36 of the 37 crossed the median line which divides the 180km wide Taiwan Strait between the island and mainland China. They were heading to the “western Pacific” where the Shandong aircraft carrier is located, “as part of naval and air exercises,” according to the same source. China considers Taiwan part of its territory and has not ruled out using force to reunite the island, which has a separate government, with the mainland. In recent years it has stepped up pressure on Taipei, diplomatic and military, and in May organized large-scale high schools around Taiwan, after […]
Source: News Beast

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