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Taiwan takes on China: Rejects ‘one country, two systems’ model and holds high schools with live fire

Taiwan takes on China: Rejects ‘one country, two systems’ model and holds high schools with live fire

Against China is turned Taiwan rejecting the “one country, two systems” model contained in a country white paper released on Wednesday (10/8). As announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei, high schools are being held with live fire.

Only the people of Taiwan can decide their future” pointed out the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joan Ow.

Joan Ow, as reported by the Athens News Agency, accused Beijing of using the visit to the island last week by the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosias “an excuse to create new normality”, which is “to intimidate the people of Taiwan”.

New live fire drill

The Taiwanese army began new Artillery exercise using real fireafter the largest Chinese military high schools in the Taiwan Strait in history. The exercise, with flares and mortar fire, began in Pingtung County (southern) at around 08:30 (local time; 03:30 Greece time) and lasted for an hour, a spokesman for the 8th Army Corps said.

Television footage broadcast from the exercise showed guns lined up with their operators as they fired one after the other into the open.

A similar exercise took place on Tuesday in the same county. Hundreds of military men participated.

The island’s authorities downplayed the drills, saying they were long-planned and not a reaction to China’s high schools.

Beijing, enraged by Ms Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, launched large-scale aviation training camps in six sectors around the island.

Yesterday, Wednesday, he announced that they had ended, assuring that the Chinese armed forces had “successfully carried out various tasks” in the Straits, announcing that patrols in those waters would continue, as would high schools and “preparation for war.”

The white paper released by the Taiwan Affairs Bureau does not renounce “the use of force” and states that China reserves “the possibility of taking all necessary measures.”

“We are willing to create a huge space (of cooperation) to achieve peaceful reunification,” the document says, “but we will leave no room for maneuver for separatist actions aimed at the pseudo-independence of Taiwan,” it added.

China has always considered the island of about 23 million people, with its own autonomous government, a breakaway province destined to be reunited with the mainland, by force if necessary. Taiwan has remained autonomous since the end of the Chinese Civil War (1949).

Source: News Beast