Takagi and Ketra in Marco Mengoni’s riff: “Inspiration doesn’t exist”

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Venus and Mars is the new song by Takagi and Ketra that will play from Friday 8 January on the radio and on all streaming platforms, sung by Marco Mengoni and Frah Quintale. Here then is that the artist from Ronciglione chooses the two producers with 130 platinum discs and more than a billion streaming, for the new podcast appointment Marco Mengoni’s riff.

The unprecedented meeting in music thus turns into a half-hour chat that investigates the work and style of the two hit makers, colleagues, but above all friends.

Alessandro Merli (Takagi) and Fabio Clemente (Ketra) are in fact side by side in the creations of the most successful songs of the last summer seasons since 2014. Six years in which songs for others were born, one above all Roma Bangkok, certified diamond disc, and songs in their name, from the first The army of the selfie, passing through Amore and Capoeira until Cyclone in the last summer, thanks to an extraordinary harmony: “We are certainly not at home waiting for the muse”, they tell. Both self-taught, both hard workers, always in the studio from morning to evening as Maestro Morricone taught, they have based their work on collaborations they really believe in. In their stylistic code, the desire never to repeat itself, always looking for a new sound. And of different voices. So here they surprise, with a song that is detached from what we are used to and that comes out in January, outside their favorite season, with the pairing of new and unusual voices by Mengoni, pop singer-songwriter and Frah Quintale, an established exponent of the indie rap scene, which is sure to attract attention.

From their collaboration, to moments of tension, to the secret of their success, passing through the artists who have influenced them most, the exchange of ideas with Marco becomes the protagonist and, as in every episode of the podcast that comes out every two weeks, the singer questions his guests about what the recurring element of their life is that, just like the riff, becomes the hallmark of an existence, as well as of a song. Marco Mengoni’s riff will be available on all major streaming and podcast platforms from January 6th. Listen to the preview exclusively for Vanityfair.it

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