Taking prints of offers and searching can prevent fraud on Black Friday, says expert

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In an interview with CNN, the lawyer specializing in consumer rights Maria Inês Dolci gave tips for buyers to avoid fraud and scams on Black Friday. In 2021, the day of offers and promotions takes place on November 26th.

According to the expert, people are more aware of the risks of Black Friday, but there are still many problems that can hinder the purchases of those looking for products with lower prices. To avoid inconvenience, she recommends that very attractive offers are saved through prints — “photo” of the screen — from the cell phone or computer.

“What can be a great opportunity can lead to problems. Therefore, the consumer needs, before making the purchase, check their priorities, compare prices, models, the functions of the most expensive products, always choose well-known stores recommended by friends and relatives, and not spend what they don’t have to buy what they do. you don’t need to”, recommended Maria Inês.

“Remembering that online shopping must always take a screenshot of the offer, as the final price may not always be the one you saw first”, he added.

In addition to the print of offers, she recommends that customers confirm that the online store is, in fact, official. “Don’t give out your personal details without knowing if that store is really selling what it has and if it’s established in the market. There are many scams and you have to be careful when buying.”

Other tips from the specialist are to confirm the delivery date and check if the store makes available the quantity of products in stock so that items that are already out of stock are not sold.

“Many products here in Brazil are not guaranteed by the Consumer Defense Code if purchased abroad. Therefore, you have to be careful with purchases on foreign sites”, he said.

The lawyer also advised to avoid impulse purchases on Black Friday, especially if this would compromise the money needed for the beginning of the year.

“Impulse buying is never a good practice because you’re going to buy something you’re not going to use, you’re going to spend money unnecessarily. Even if you have the 13th, this money should have priority to pay your credit card, save a little for the holidays or even pay debts, which is the most important thing,” he said.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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