Tania Rincón is honest about the painful loss of her baby

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There is no greater pain for a mother than losing her baby and perhaps because of this, many women choose not to talk about this traumatic experience. However, recently, some have decided to speak out about this situation so that others know that they are not alone. A clear example of this is Tania Rincón, who detailed how hard it has been for her to face this grieving process.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the host of the program Today she recounted her bitter experience, since after the loss of her baby, she also had to face the hard test of being left without a womb.

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Tania Rincón posing for the camera is dressed in white and has her hair arranged loose and makeup

In a conversation where she opened her heart, the host of warriors mexico She said that she went to the doctor because after the arrival of her second daughter, she had no plans to get pregnant. However, the doctor informed him that he had a fibroid, which is like a kind of tumor, but it was so big that it hit his abdominal wall, so it was necessary to remove the entire womb.

If I was conflicted because at the end of the day, it was, well, they’re going to take away the baby-making machine, right? Although it was already a decision that was super clear to me, it did affect me, that is, I did experience it a bit like a duel because it was already clear to me that I did not want to be a mother again… it was difficult, it was complicated.

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Tania Rincón posing with sportswear and her hair collected in a half ponytail

When Yordi asked her if she had lost a child, the presenter of the program Today She briefly answered yes, but the driver continued to inquire into the subject and she decided to share her experience.

After Patricio, we tried to get pregnant and yes. He was like 12 weeks. It is something very common in women, that is, when you express it and talk about it, you realize that many women have gone through the same thing, but I don’t know why we have this bad habit of not saying it. I, today I talk about it more naturally and that I talk about it does not mean that I have it as digested, because finally, it is also a loss.

Tania Rincón sitting on a step with a relaxed pose, wearing green pants and a light striped blouse

I think that as a woman it happens to you, when you take a pregnancy test and it is positive and you see your little test and you say ‘I’m a mom now’ and you talk to her. You feel accompanied from that second, at that moment you become a mother. And it was very hard, very hard, very hard… I thought it would never happen to me and I think that feeling safe, I think it is one of the things that has cost me the most, that is, how to understand that, well, that you are not like the owner of your destiny

The presenter of fox for everyone She commented that in those difficult moments she was fortunate to have good friends, but she did not like the way her doctor dealt with her in this complicated situation, since he minimized her loss all the time, assuring her that it was normal.

Tania Rincón in a soccer stadium wears a purple dress and loose hair

For me, I was already pregnant and for me I was already losing a child, that is, it was not a ‘product’ as the doctor called it.

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