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Tapioca dadinho: super easy recipe straight from the Amazon to your home

Delicious, crispy and the best: it only takes three ingredients. This is the result of the tapioca dice that Daniela Filomeno made in the kitchen of Gavião Lookouta sophisticated hotel on the banks of the Rio Negro in Novo Airão, a municipality in Anavilhanas National Parktwo and a half hours from manaus.

in the immersion of CNN Travel & Gastronomy through the Amazon, Daniela rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty. Simple, quick and tasty, the tapioca dadinho takes coalho cheese – common in recipes from this part of the country – and uses a more flaky tapioca flour, which guarantees a certain crunchiness to the dough.

It’s a taste of the north. Next, check out the step-by-step recipe and repeat the instructions at home. Enjoy!


  • 500 g of curd cheese
  • 1 kg of granulated tapioca flour
  • 1 liter of milk

Method of preparation

  • Heat the milk in a large pan, add the tapioca and cook for a few minutes;
  • Add the coarsely grated curd cheese and cook, stirring constantly, until the bottom of the pan appears – a thick, textured dough forms. Tip: the fire must be low to hydrate;
  • Pass the plastic film on the bottom of a roast that holds all the dough and distributes it evenly;
  • Chill in the fridge overnight;
  • Remove from the fridge, transfer the dough to a countertop and cut in the shape of toothpicks in the thickness of a finger;
  • Fry the sticks in a hot oil immersion for approximately 10 minutes – or, if you prefer, bake for approximately 15 minutes at 170°C;
  • Remove from oil (or pan), place in a bowl and serve with molasses, arube or aioli.

*Suggestion: if you prefer, grate the puxuri seed over the dough after it’s ready – this adds an extra touch of flavor. Also keep an eye on the salt, as the coalho cheese is already salty.

Source: CNN Brasil

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