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Tata Werneck reveals marriage crisis during the pandemic: “We lost the conversation”

The presenter Tata Werneck revealed that she spent some time without talking to her husband, the actor Rafa Vitti , during the pandemic. The speech was said during an interview on the program “Conversa com Bial”, on TV Globo, last Friday (7).

In the conversation, the comedian explained that the two came to live as tenants, talking about house formalities.

“We stayed as tenants for a while, living together during the pandemic. ‘Good afternoon, your car is in front of mine’, ‘pardon me, ma’am, you paid the bill’, ‘of course you did'”, she joked.

Tata compared the situation he experienced with Rafa with cases in which couples lose physical attraction and start living as friends.

“Normally couples say that they have lost attraction, but they continue talking. We, at a certain point, lost the conversation, but we didn’t lose the bitching,” he said. “I couldn’t turn sideways unaware. But we recovered, nowadays we have love, we have sex and conversation.”

The presenter and the actor from “Verão 90” and “ Além da Ilusão” have been married since 2019 and are parents to Clara, who was born that same year. The couple started dating in 2017 and living together in 2018.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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