Tatar continues the challenges: Varosi will slowly open for installation

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The leader of the Turkish Cypriots continues to provoke Ersin Tatar, who after the day before yesterday stated that “Turkey will never leave Cyprus”, comes back saying that Varosi will slowly open for installation.

Speaking on a “Bayrak” show on Tuesday night, on the occasion of one year in the position of “president” of the pseudo-state, Tatar said that in the one year that he has opened part of Varosiou, was visited by over 250,000 people. The “investments” made there, Tatar said according to, have turned the area into another Varos.

It should be noted that in the occupied territories it was announced by the “security forces” that from November 1, the hours when the area of ​​Varosi that has been opened will change. Visiting hours will be from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, instead of 8 in the evening which is now.

Mr. Tatar, talking about Cyprus on the same TV show. reiterated the claim that the e / k side aims to eliminate the “tdbk” – as mentioned in the pseudo-state – and that the T / k become a patch in the KD, and this – he continued – confirmed in the meeting with the UN Secretary General. “We say two states. “There is a northern Cyprus that lives with the EU. There can be two states within the EU.”

Mr Tatar also said that Turkey and the Turkish government support his views and now in Cyprus a new era has begun and such a policy gives hope for the future.

In the Cyprus issue, he continued, the attitude of the EU and the US is well known. He noted that if negotiations are to begin, it must first be considered whether or not there is common ground. It can be discussed, he added, that a UN resolution is needed to accept sovereign equality.

Ersin Tatar stated that he never said that the pseudo-state would be recognized, claiming that in Cyprus there is no other formula than that of the two states that will live side by side here, there are two separate “peoples” with different language, religion, culture and history.

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