Tatar provocative allegations of cooperation of Cyprus with terrorists

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In a written statement issued today, Ersin Tatar made allegations about the Republic of Cyprus’ relations with terrorism and terrorist organizations and spoke of a “regional threat”, while again ending up in his position for “two states” in Cyprus.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Mr. Tatar calls on the “Greek administration”, as reported in the Republic of Cyprus, to “reconsider its relations with terrorism and terrorist organizations and to abandon cooperation with political motives.” with terrorist organizations that threaten world humanity. ”

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The PYD, which considers it a branch of the PKK, has had offices in the free zones with a license since last January, he said.

The Ukraine-Russia war has created new global security needs and is seeking regional and global co-operation on the issue, he added.

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At the request of Sweden and Finland for NATO membership, he continues, and especially the presence of the “terrorist organization PKK and PYD / YPG” in Sweden, “motherland Turkey revealed in documents that these organizations are a threat to the national and regional security “.

Turkey, he said, clarified that the two countries’ application for NATO membership could not proceed due to their specific security concerns and stressed the importance of (Turkey) taking steps to address the the dangers of these terrorist organizations that threaten world peace.

Ersin Tatar, saying that the PKK and the PYD are on the list of “terrorist organizations” by a decision of the “parliament” in the occupied territories, claims that the relations of the “e / k administration” – according to him – with the PKK security of the “country” and the region and draws attention to it.

He then refers to the past and specifically to the arrest of Abdullah τσαcalan, whom he calls the “leader of the terrorists”, who was under the supervision of EYP personnel and who was given – as the Turkish leader claimed – a fake diplomatic passport of the Republic of Cyprus. , issued under a specific name. Today, according to Tatar, the Cypriot side has allowed the terrorist organization – as the PYD continues to characterize it – to open a representative office (in the free zones) and betray world peace.

“On this occasion, I call on the Greek Cypriot administration in southern Cyprus to abandon this approach, which serves no purpose other than to increase regional tensions and turn terrorism into a secret tool of war,” he said.

In the same written statement, Ersin Tatar claims that the mentality that allows priests to shoot, praises the “terrorist” – in his expression – EOKA organization, which “killed the Turkish Cypriot and wanted the Union with Greece, puts the neo-fascist “- again its expression – ELAM in Parliament, and” cooperates with terrorist organizations “(PKK, PYD), shows (the mentality) once again to everyone, even to independent observers, that the most realistic solution in It is Cypriot that the “two peoples” and the “two states” – as he claims – live side by side with good neighborly relations.

Source: Capital

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